Chapter: Mini Gaiden
Kekk side gaiden
Other Information
Volume Volume 4
Release Date September 17, 2004
Episode N/A
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Shuji Sumimura

Mini Gaiden is a side story included in Volume 4 of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Yoshimori returns home from school to find his father ending a phone call. Shuji was apparently promising his editor that he'd be done with his novel (which is long overdue) by the next day. Yoshimori tries to offer his support, but Shuji takes it the wrong way and doesn't actually consider himself an author.

That night, Shuji suddenly notices the time and goes to check on Yoshimori, who is preparing to leave for his Kekkaishi duties. Shuji apologizes for being too busy to make him a snack, and Yoshimori says it's fine since he made his own. Shuji wishes he could do something to help Yoshimori as a Kekkaishi, but Yoshimori assures him that he's used to it now, and tells Shuji not to work too hard. Shuji decides to do his best, but the next day, Yoshimori watches Shuji promising his editor again that he'll be done the following day.

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