Boy Kekkaishi
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Shadow Organization
Previous Occupation Sym-houin Kekkaishi (nontraditional)
Previous Team Shinyuuchi Hunters
Previous Partner Michiru and Kakeru
Base of Operations Sousui's Castle, Hakuma (former)
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Tenketsu
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 229

During the Karasumori Assault, the Shinyuuchi Hunters task a young boy Kekkaishi with opening a portal to the spirit world and contacting the land's master.[1]



He was one of several children captured by the Shinyuuchi Hunters in order to train them as Kekkaishi, and was selected by Kakeru to undergo training because he had the highest potential among them.[2]



  • Shakujō: He uses a smaller version of the traditional Shakujō, with a hole that is shaped like a pentagon and has three leaf-shaped designs at each corner.[3]
  • Flying Carpet: Though he usually rides on the same carpet as Michiru, she later gave him his own so that he could escape Karasumori unharmed.[3]

Powers & Abilities

Tenketsu: Unlike traditional Kekkaishi, he was trained to use Tenketsu for the sole purpose of opening a path to the spirit world and establishing contact with a Shinyuuchi's master.[1]

High Kekkaishi Potential: After analyzing his power, Kakeru states that out of all the boys they have captured, he would make the best Kekkaishi,[2] an assessment that Michiru later agrees with after training him.[4]


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