Botanical Ayakashi
Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi (Plant)
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Masamori Sumimura
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Rapid Growth
Rapid Regeneration
Poison Pods
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 032: Hoin
Anime Episode 14, Masamori's Scheme

A seemingly harmless botanical Ayakashi that has the potential to rapidly produce a forest, but only if treated properly.[1]


The only botanical Ayakashi seen in the anime was small and green, resembling a small octopus.


Powers & Abilities

The Ayakashi is a parasite, but has no will of its own. Masamori first attaches it to a normal seed, and then wraps them in a jyufu (charm paper) to accelerate growth, before burying them all underground.[2]

Rapid Growth: Once properly cared for, the Ayakashi grows extremely rapidly, producing an entire forest in the space of a few seconds. Though seemingly separate, all resulting trees are produced from the single seed, and growth will stop only if the core is destroyed.[1]

Rapid Regeneration: Even if a tree is destroyed, it will grow back almost instantly. If severed, however, only the portion still connected to the roots will regenerate.[1]


A poison pod

Poison Pods: The trees later produce large, poisonous pods that explode violently, showering foes with their spiked seeds. As an additional threat, fallen seeds can then produce tentacles to grab enemies in the anime.[1]


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