Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Kakushino Captives
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Wind & Rain Cloud Control
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 135

Amaarashi (雨嵐) was one of several ayakashi used by the Kakushino Twins to attack Night Troop Headquarters.[1]


It greatly resembles a salamander, and has a dark, moist body. Its mouth is vertical in its head and filled with sharp teeth.[2]


Amaarashi emerges from one of several mysterious boxes delivered to Night Troop Headquarters. Without warning, it flees, damaging a building in its attempt to escape. Though it is quickly caught by Makio, once restrained its stomach explodes, releasing many tiny, young Amaarashi that must be dealt with.[1]

Power & Abilities

Wind & Rain Cloud Control[2]
Self-Destruction: Its stomach can explode without warning, expelling many young Amaarashi.[3]


  • Amaarashi (雨嵐) means 'rain wind'.


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